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Events Master

Events Master offers professional event planners a one stop subscription based online service to conveniently plan and manage multiple events concurrently. Events Master provides tools to plan, publish, invite, track, record attendance, receive feedback and organize event expenses resulting in saved time and money. At Events Master, you can manage one or hundreds of events with the ability to view information of previous events. With Events Master you can manage events such as;
  • Leisure events e.g. leisure sport, music, recreation.
  • Cultural events e.g. ceremonial, religious, art, heritage, and folklore.
  • Personal events e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.
  • Organizational events e.g. commercial, political, charitable, sales, product launch, expo.

Events Master is easy to use. With built-in video tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and FAQ, users can adapt quickly with Events Master. It has simplified workflow and has reduced the repetitive tasks thereby saving your time. It has flexibility and provides customers complete control to manage events as per their needs. Several special features are available at your disposal to make your event a great success.

Testimonials Some of our subscribers and visitors have endorsed Events Master. Visit the testimonials section and know what they have to say about Events Master. Why keep being overwhelmed with the daunting task of putting on a successful event? Sign up today and get the tools you needed to easily manage your next successful event.

Features With Events Master, it only takes few minutes to get you started. We will give you guest access prior to registration to make sure Events Master is suitable to your needs. Click here to contact us.

KishMan Solutions sponsored and supported the International Festival of Authors, Markham event jointly organized by Markham Arts Council (a charitable organization) and Markham Public Library. Events Master was used by Markham Arts Council for ticket sales, creating event website and marking the attendance using barcode technology.

Appreciation for Sponsorship


Events Master would not have been feasible without the contribution from experts and professionals. We are thankful to you all for taking efforts in the development, testing and publishing of Events Master from the beginning.
Deepak Rai, India

Deepak is expert in programming and has been involved in the development of product components.
Ranjit (Pratap) Pandey, India

Ranjit has a MBA and contributed in data consolidation and data mining for Events Master.
Janette Bryant, UK

Janette is a website usability expert and she is able to critically review Events Master and offer suggestions.
Karthikeyan Palaniswamy, Macedonia

Karthikeyan is a software tester and has grately contributed in the technicalities of Events Master.
Nick Crowne, USA

Nick is freelance product reviewer and has actively participated in the development and analysis of Events Master.
Katelyn, India

Katelyn is website marketing pro and was involved in the development of marketing material.
Joesph Wood, Canada

Joseph is a certified language pro and involved in the document writing and proofreading for Events Master.
Rick Camerony, USA

Ricky is a SEO specialist, internet marketer and was involved in providing the exposure to our business.


We are committed to offer our subscribers the best all-in-one Events Master product and great service. Your need to plan and manage successful events are well understood. We have designed Events Master with many easy to use features to make sure your small or big event is a great success.

KishMan Solutions Events Master is operated by KishMan Solutions (A registered Canadian business, offering IT and software solutions to local and international companies) and maintained by It is supported by technology professionals and marketers who are servicing the registered users exactly what they need when it comes to an event planning and management. Your specific needs at Events Master are carefully reviewed for a customized solution for your business.

For general communication, including media and partnership enquiries, please send your message at For the purposes of a legal correspondance, we encourage you to email those documents at