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INTERNET SITE USAGE: EventsMaster.ca internet site service is ment for planning and managing your events that are mainly classified into four broad categories based on their purpose and objective as mentioned below;

  • Leisure events e.g. leisure sport, music, recreation.
  • Cultural events e.g. ceremonial, religious, art, heritage, and folklore.
  • Personal events e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.
  • Organizational events e.g. commercial, political, charitable, sales, product launch,expo.
Primary goal of Events Master is to offer services to the people around the world in a good faith and should not be used for any illegal, criminal, sexual explotiation, arms and ammunition business or dealings, narcotics business or dealings, and for the activities that are not permited by the laws in the country of the user where account holder resides or practices or shares user data through this website.

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Youth above 13 and below 18 (or 16 to 17 in Europe): You may use our Services if your age is above 13 and below 18 (or above 16 and below 18 in Europe) under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to the terms.


TRIAL OFFER: We offer one month free trial period on any of the selected account. After thirty (30) days you can continue using this service after paying the account charges. There are no obligations to keep your account active during and after free trial. If you want to quit any time, no problem. Send us a feedback on how could we make Events Master event better for planning and managing your events. Customer do not have to pay for first thirty (30) days and they do not have to provide any payment details (such as credit card information) during the trial period. It is absolutely free for one month and customer can try various features available under the account and get familiar with Events Master. The account holder must operate the Events Master account as per the terms & conditions mentioned here.

PAYMENT: After thirty (30) days of trial period, registered user is eligible to pay for the services furnished by the provider in accordance with the account service charges. As per the selected service account, the service charges are applicable and your credit card will be charged as per one of the following applicable service account types.

  • SILVER ACCOUNT - ONE TIME CHARGE: If you have selected Silver account then you acknowledge and agree that on acceptance of terms stated in this agreement your credit card will be processed for onetime charge for the amount as per the stated account service usage charge. For this account, we do not store your credit card information whether processed successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • GOLD ACCOUNT - ONE TIME CHARGE: If you have selected Gold account then you acknowledge and agree that on acceptance of terms stated in this agreement your credit card will be processed for onetime charge for the amount calculated from stated account service usage charge for selected number of events. For this account, we do not store your credit card information whether processed successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • PLATINUM ACCOUNT - RECURRING CHARGES: If you have selected Platinum account then you acknowledge and agree that on acceptance of terms stated in this agreement your credit card will be processed for onetime charge for the amount calculated from stated account service usage charge for current year. Also, you acknowledge and agree that on the your account anniversary date, your credit card will be automatically processed every year for the yearly subscription amount as long as account is active and as in good condition. Your account anniversary date is based on the date the service was activated for you. Your credit card information will be kept in secured location for processing future payments. In the event of credit card expiration during the tenure of the stated service period, you agree to provide us new credit card information.
You also acknowledge and agree website usage policy and chargeback policy. You
  • Permit service provider to take a Reserve to secure your obligation to pay Chargebacks, Reversals and fees;
  • Obligate you to follow service provider’s acceptable use policy in your use of website service;
  • Give legal effect to service provider’s privacy policy, which governs our use and disclosure of your information; and
  • Permit service provider to restrict a payment or your account in circumstances listed in the user agreement.
Service provider may at any time amend, delete or add to this agreement (including, without limitation, the fees) by giving notice of such change by posting a revised version of this agreement on the policy update section of the service provider’s website.

CANCELLATION PROCESS: We have fair usage as well as cancellation policy. Provider and you are at liberty to cancel the account at any time after the account is activated. In the event of account cancellation, for platinum account the amount for remaining months (unused months) will be refunded. Amount for the the current month (month of the cancellation date) will not be refunded. For gold account, amount for remaining events (unused events) will be refunded. Refund is issued in three (3) days from the date when the cancellation is processed. Please note cancellation process is followed after your request for cancellation is received. For silver account holders, NO refund is issued on account closure.

ACCOUNT SUSPENSATION: You acknowledge and agree that provider will suspend your account under following circumstances;
  • Any violation of website usage terms and account usage terms will be reviewed and accessed for inappropriate usage of provider’s website, severity of damage and overall impact on the reputation of the provider. If the result of review is serious then provider may suspend your account. In such an event provider may or may not provide prior intimation.
  • If you do not make payment for the platinum account within thirty (30) days of the date of account activation or account anniversary date then provider may suspend your account. In such an event provider may or may not provide prior intimation.
Any violation of terms and conditions that resulted in account suspension will be reviewed and assessed for damages. The losses occurred to the provider will be recovered through legal process. You agree to pay all legal charges and punitive damages occurred due to your violation of terms and conditions.

You acknowledge that during account suspension, you and your sub-users will not have access to the website. Suspended account will be deactivated for twelve (12) months following the date of suspension. You and your sub-users may re-gain access to account after paying dues and/or charges. Suspended account beyond twelve (12) months will be removed forever and beyond this point account holder will not gain access to the account and user data will be removed forever.

JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW: Except to the extent any applicable law provides otherwise, the Agreement and any access to or use of our Services will be governed by the laws of the Canada excluding its conflict of law provisions. The proper venue for any disputes arising out of or relating to the agreement and any access to or use of our services that are not otherwise subject to arbitration (as indicated below) will be the provincial and federal courts located in Ontario, Canada.

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MISCELLANEOUS: The agreement (together with any other terms we provide that apply to any specific Service) constitutes the entire agreement between Automattic and you concerning our Services. If any part of the agreement is unlawful, void, or unenforceable, that part is severable from the agreement, and does not affect the validity or enforceability of the rest of the agreement. A waiver by either party of any term or condition of the agreement or any breach thereof, in any one instance, will not waive such term or condition or any subsequent breach thereof.

CHANGES: We may update, change, or discontinue any aspect of our Services at any time. Since we are constantly updating our services, we sometimes have to change the legal terms under which they are offered. We will let you know when there are changes: we will post them here and update the “Last Updated” date, and we may also post on one of our blogs or send you an email or other communication before the changes become effective. Your continued use of our services after the new terms take effect will be subject to the new terms, so if you disagree with the changes in the new terms, you should stop using our services. To the extent you have an existing subscription, you may be eligible for a refund.