What is event management?

Event management is the process of planning, organizing and evaluating corporate, private, non-profit, government and social events

How is Events Master critically helpful in event management?
Is this for me?
Why should I use this service?
What are the benefits?
How much would it cost me and where do I begin?
How can I manage exhibit spaces at the event venue with Events Master?
Do I have to re-enter information of my regular suppliers, exhibitors, sponsors, group/companies etc for each event?
My event requires attendees to pay for the event. Can I process payments at my Events Master account?
I need to scan barcode and record attendees who were present at the event. How can I do this?
Can I create and publish website for an event?
Can I sell online event items with Events Master?
Can I create flyer for an event?
What are the account cancellation terms?
Can I create Survey for my event services?