What is Events Master?
"Events master is one stop service to manage, plan and track multiple events, concurrently."
What can you do with Events Master?
Check Manage Leisure Events

Sports, Music, Recreation etc.
Check Manage Cultural Events

Ceremonial, Religious, Art etc.
Check Manage Personal Events

Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries etc.
Check Manage Business Events

Commercial, Expo, Team Building etc.
Manage Event Workflows
"Simplified workflow to manage activity and set alerts on activities or important milestones."
Manage Event Marketing & Sells
Manage Attendees
Manage Event Reports
At the end of the day or an event, you can generate various business and financial reports that would help you improve your event process and measure other elements of an event.
Who can use Events Master?

Our Silver account is best for individuals who wish to manage one or more events like a professional. You get all the tools for effectively managing your event.
Small group

You want to manage one or more events like a professional. No problem! Choose a Gold account. You get all the tools to make your events super successful.

Platinum account is for business who do event planning. You or your staff can easily manage multiple events in succession or concurrently.
How can you use Events Master?

No download or installation required. You can start using our service with an internet connection from your computer or a laptop.
Internet Connection

It does not matter whether you have Wi-Fi, cable or a dsl internet connection, you can access Events Master from anywhere.

We took special effort to make Events Master compatible to all commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.
Tablet & Smartphone

Events Master can also be accessed from tablets, palmtops and smartphones.