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Welcome. Thank you for selecting Events Master for planning and managing events. We are committed to offer all-in-one features and good services for managing your one or more events.

You may be an individual or a group or a business planning to host one or more events then this is the best service for you.

Events Master offers you lots of features. We just do not say this, we mean it. Please, click here to see features and tools available in account plans.

Simple and Easy Sign up
Events Master sign up is very easy and goes in two steps. In first step, select account plan and you agree to the terms of account usage. In second step, provide your account information and create an account. This is it! you can start using Events Master right away.

You get first thirty (30) days absolutely free. After thirty (30) days you can continue using this service after paying the account charges. There are no obligations to keep your account active during and after free trial. If you want to quit any time, no problem. Send us a feedback on how could we make Events Master event better for planning and managing your events.

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Note: If you are a staff member of an event organizer then ask your administrator for creating an access for you.
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